“Al Raccoony” – the boss of the gang – is quite tired of hanging around in his backyard of an Italian pizzeria in New York. He’s in the mood for some adventure with his old friends “Beau”, “Rat”, “Sugar” and “Nerdy”, who are spread all over the world. Living on the Island of Martinique, in London, Vienna and Silicon Valley they are only waiting for you to unblock them!

Your task: Get the gang together! – Free the 5 charming raccoons from their locations by sliding wisely the obstacles and unblock the exit. Are you clever enough to move the objects using as few steps as possible? – Great: So you will be rewarded with up to 3 stars!

Meet Al, Beau, Rat, Sugar and Nerdy in 5 unique worlds, with original sound-themes.

Are you ready to train your brain in this challenging, addictive puzzle game? – Get the gang together now!



★  5 charming raccoon-characters
★  5 unique worlds
★  500 challenging levels
★  Amazing soundtrack plus 5 original world-themes
★  Addictive brain-training gameplay
★  100% ad-free
★  No in-app purchases
★  Great high-quality hand-drawn graphics (HD)
★  100% fun and a great gaming experience