Data protection declaration by


a division of ad-artists GmbH



1.           Object of this data protection declaration


We are delighted at your interest in our internet presence and in our games.


We take the legal regulations governing data protection, especially the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) (German Federal Data Protection Act) and the data protection laws of the German federal states very seriously. They set strict limits on the collection, processing and use of personal data.


With this data protection declaration we would like to advise you of which data are
collected during a visit to our website and our games and how they are processed further or used; above all, this concerns personal data.


References made in the following to “website” also refer to our games.



2.           Responsible party / service provider


The responsible party in the sense of the BDSG and simultaneously the service
provider in the sense of the Telemediengesetz (TMG) (German Telemedia Act) is
app-artists, a legally dependent division or department respectively of ad-artists GmbH, Hasselweg 31 in 34131 Kassel. In legal terms, actions and declarations by app-artists are therefore actions and declarations by ad-artists GmbH; the contracting party for third parties is therefore also ad-artists GmbH. For further details please consult the Impressum or the supplier declaration on our website.


Should you have questions or wish to comment on this data protection declaration or have general questions concerning data protection, we look forward to your email. Please send it to this email address:



3.           Our offers in social networks


We present our games in social networks, e.g. including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and in internet stores.


Should you encounter them in such a network or store, the network or store’s data protection conditions and declarations apply accordingly. We have no influence upon either.



4.           Personal data


Personal data are information concerning personal or objective circumstances of a specific, or at least identifiable, natural person. These are, for example, the name and the postal address of a person, his email and internet addresses, his telephone
numbers, his date of birth, his tax numbers and his bank details.


Non-personal data are such information as cannot be related to a specific, or at least identifiable, natural person.



5.           Collection and use of your data


Which of your data we collect and how we use them depends upon whether you only visit our website for informative purposes, i.e. to have a look around, to try a game out, which is possible without registering, or whether you require more, e.g. to order our newsletter, register with our website or for a game that is only accessible after prior registration.


              Use of our website for informative purposes


Where our website is only used for informative purposes, we never collect personal data, only the following:


  • Type of internet browser which you use for your visit
  • Internet browser settings
  • Operating system which you use for your visit
  • The last web page which you visited (i.e. before changing to ours)
  • Our pages which you visit
  • Visit date, visit time, visit duration and frequency and frequency of use
  • Transferred data volumes and the access status (file transferred, file not found etc.)
  • IP number of the terminal which you use for your visit

The IP number is a number which is valid worldwide and is a unique identification of every individual terminal. It serves as an address to which data are sent from the internet, e.g. the image of our homepage. If the IP number were not accessed, our internet pages would not be able to react to your entries and enquiries and could not communicate with your terminal.


An informative visit is only stored for statistical purposes, for optimising our internet presence and for system security purposes.


This requires only storage in anonymised form. In particular, the IP number and the internet page from which you visit us are stored only in a shortened form. It is not possible to identify an individual user.


We undertake never to link the IP number and the internet address of the page from which you visit us with other databases.


We do not prepare any user or behaviour profiles or similar records for users who only visit our website for informative purposes.


              Utilisation of offers


Where you wish to register for our website or one of our offers, to send us an enquiry, to take part in an advertising campaign or survey or to order our newsletter, we require more data from you and especially also personal data.


To be able to send you our newsletter, we require at least your email address. To enable you to take advantage of our chargeable offers, we may require for example your name and surname, your postal address and your bank details.


For this purpose we always only collect such obligatory data as we require for the specific purpose concerned, i.e. data that is essential to be able to fulfil your wishes and orders.


Should we ask you for additional information, you need not comply with our request. Input fields concerning voluntary information are marked accordingly.


We only collect the personal data which you provide to us voluntarily. Personal data will never be collected without your knowledge.


Personal data will only be used further to the necessary extent in each case and strictly according to legal requirements.


Where you have registered with our homepage or for one of our games, we also use your personal data to personalise subsequent visits, e.g. to greet you using your name or to customise our offer precisely to you.




6.           Consent under the Data Protection Act


Where you do not use our website solely for informative purposes but wish to take advantage of our offers and services, we would like to offer you an internet presence which is tailored to your interests and inform you through our newsletter of offers and developments that could be of particular interest to you.


To be able to do this we would like to evaluate your data and use them for market research purposes – however, only if you have given your explicit approval separately, of course.


For these evaluations it is necessary to summarise the personal data that you have given us during registration, together with the continuous usage data, into user profiles.

The summaries and evaluations are made only for internal purposes and exclusively for the objectives stated.


You can declare your consent separately and revoke it at any time with effect for the future.



7.           Newsletter and use of your email address


In order to register for our newsletter, we require at least your email address to which the newsletter is to be sent, in addition to the aforementioned consent under the Data Protection Act.


All other information is voluntary. It will be used for example to address you personally, to personalise the content of the newsletter or to be able to clarify questions concerning your email address.


You declare your consent under the Data Protection Act by ordering the newsletter.


To allow us to be sure that you have ordered the newsletter and that no one else has used your name to do so, we use the double opt-in procedure. Upon receipt of order you will receive an email with an activation link from our system through which you confirm your order. This tells us that you really are the owner of the stated email address and agree to receive the newsletter.


You can cancel the newsletter at any time. Please use the link at the end of the newsletter for this purpose.


If we have received your email address as a result of your having registered with us or ordered a game from us, we will also use your email address to inform you of further developments in games or of new games.


You can also object to this use of your email address at any time. To do so simply send us an email to:



8.           Cookies


To ensure that our website and our games can be used optimally, we use cookies.


Cookies are small text and image files that are stored on the hard disk of your internet terminal. They identify the IP number of the terminal only in anonymous form and store no personal data.


Most of the cookies we use are deleted from your hard disk after the end of your visit (so-called session cookies). Anyone who uses our website only for informative purposes receives only session cookies.


Other cookies remain on your hard disk. Such cookies allow us to recognise your terminal again at your next visit (so-called persistent cookies). They allow us, for
example, to greet you with your user name and save you having to enter your data into forms.


You can influence the use of cookies by changing the settings of your internet browser (usually to be found under “Option” or “Settings” in the browser’s menu). If your internet terminal is prevented from accepting cookies, however, your access to our website may be limited.



9.           Data storage location


In principle, all data mentioned in this data protection declaration are stored and processed in our own databases.


Should they not be stored and processed in our databases, we shall inform you of this and also of where they are stored.



10.         Passing data on to third parties


Our employees have access to your data insofar as this is necessary to provide you with support. They know that personal data may be processed or used exclusively for the relevant purpose, are informed of the regulations governing data protection and are obliged to observe the German Federal Data Protection Act and to maintain confidentiality.


Should it be necessary to pass your personal data to third parties in order to provide our services or due to organisational processing requirements, we shall invariably pass on only data that are essential to the specific purpose. Such third parties must are also comply with the regulations governing data protection, the German Federal Data Protection Act, and the obligation to maintain confidentiality.


According to the BDSG, service-providing companies that are active on our behalf within the framework of so-called data-processing contracts are not deemed to be third parties in the sense of the previous paragraph. Nevertheless, they are obliged to comply with the data protection regulations, the German Federal Data Protection Act, and to maintain confidentiality. In addition, they are legally obliged to carry out our instructions with respect to their activities on our behalf.


We furthermore only pass on your personal data to third parties where you have given your prior explicit consent or where we are legally obliged to do so. Such legal obligation applies in particular where government agencies (e.g. law enforcement agencies) have asked us for information or we are compelled to do so by court order. Otherwise, we keep your identity secret.



11.         Storage of data


Different legal storage obligations and periods apply to personal data. These data are routinely deleted upon the expiry of such periods.


Where passing on personal data to third parties is permitted, you will be notified of the storage obligations and periods and the obligation to delete that data.


Where legal or contractual storage periods or an affected party’s interests worthy of protection are in contradiction with such deletion, the data shall be blocked. The data will be blocked by being labelled. This limits their further processing and use.


We regularly review whether their continued storage is necessary. Where this is not the case, the blocked data will be deleted.



12.         Technical protection of your data


We work with secure data networks protected by firewalls of an industrial standard and by passwords. To the extent that is technically possible, our security precautions protect against the loss, theft, amendment and misuse of your data.


During registrations your personal data will be transmitted in SSL-encrypted form, a technology for secure data transmissions via the internet.


Credit card data are not stored but rather collected and processed directly by the
respective payment service provider.


We protect our website and other systems by means of technical and organisational measures against the loss, destruction, access, amendment and distribution of your data and its publication by unauthorised persons.


Unencrypted and unsecured data which we receive by email are exposed to third-party access and influence; these third parties can view and also falsify them. In such cases we cannot accept any liability or ensure the confidentiality of your data.



13.         Google Analytics


Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”).


Google Analytics also uses cookies that are stored on your computer. They permit the recording and analysis of your use of our website and the preparation of reports on the overall visitor and user activities on our website.

As a rule, the information compiled by the cookies is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and is stored there.


On our website we use Google Analytics with the “_anonymizeIp()“ function. This is why Google Analytics processes data only in a truncated version. This ensures that the data collected, stored and processed by Google Analytics cannot be attributed to a specific person.


The cookies used by Google Analytics can also be rejected by means of an appropriate setting of your internet browser. It may be that not all functions of our website or games can be used in this case.


You can object to the data collection and storage by Google Analytics at any time with effect for the future.



14.         Social media plugins


On our website you will find plugins operated by the social media network,
Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA).


Where you visit a page on our website which contains such a plugin, your internet browser will establish a direct connection to Facebook’s servers. The content of the plugin will be transmitted directly to your browser and incorporated into the page.


In this way Facebook learns of your visit to our page.


We have no influence on what data Facebook collects via its button. However, we assume that your IP address will also be recorded.


If you are logged in to Facebook when you visit our website, Facebook can relate your visit to your Facebook account.


If you interact with the plugins, e.g. by clicking the “Like” button or making a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted by your browser directly to Facebook and stored there. You can prevent this only by logging out of Facebook before using the plugin.


With regard to the purpose and extent of data collection and their further processing and use by Facebook, the rights to which you are entitled in respect of such data and your opportunities for protecting your private sphere we would like to refer you to Facebook’s data protection information. You will find it here:


We also use the Google Plus social network’s “+1” button. This is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (“Google”). The button can be recognised by the symbol “+1” on a white or coloured background.


What we have pointed out concerning the Facebook plugins applies correspondingly to the Google plugins.


This means that if you are a member of Google Plus and do not wish Google to collect your data via our website and link it to your member data stored by Google, you must logout of Google Plus before visiting our website.


With regard to the purpose and extent of data collection and their further processing and use by Google, the rights to which you are entitled in respect of such data and your opportunities for protecting your private sphere, we would like to refer you to Google’s data protection information. You will find it here:


The same applies to YouTube, Twitter and similar offers. Here too, the website
operators’ respective data protection regulations apply.



15.         Information concerning data


You can demand from us at any time information on whether we store personal data on you, and if so, what data.


You can retrieve such data yourself by emailing:



However, you can also send a letter to our postal address:

app-artists, a division of ad-artists GmbH, Hasselweg 31, 34131 Kassel, Germany




16.         Right to revoke and object


You can revoke at any time any consent you have granted us to collect, store and process your personal data.


If you avail yourself of this opportunity, we shall delete your personal data insofar as they are no longer required.


However, where storage obligations apply or where the data are still required for
invoicing purposes, the data can be deleted only upon the expiry of the storage obligations or after invoicing.




17.         Changes to this data protection declaration


We reserve the right to make changes to this data protection declaration in the future. We shall inform you of such changes by means of a notification on our website.


Last updated: June 2013