Al Raccoony (Original Italian name: “Alfonso Procione”* )


New York – Backyard of a traditional Italian pizzeria


Role in the gang:
Boss and founder of the gang, that’s why it is called “RACCooNY’s GANG”


About / Vita:
Descendant of the Sicilian family “Procione”, that immigrated to America a long time ago. As nobody, …umm “noraccoon” could pronounce well the original Italian family name “Procione” – meaning “Raccoon” – they simply called them the “Raccoony family”.
Although Al Raccoony has never been to Italy, he is proud of his Italian origins and keen on telling everybody, …umm “everyraccoon”, about the Italian way of life. – Or at least, what he believes, that the Italian way of life would be ;-)


Always slightly grumpy, sometimes nostalgic, but a very crafty, charming fellow with a hard shell and soft heart.


Time bandits:
Pizza, red Italian wine, listening to old fashion Italian music.